Power 100-Mishal Kanoo

Power 100-Mishal Kanoo

Most people know the Kanoo Group from its shipping and travel operations, but the group has interests across a wide range of industries, including machinery, oil and gas, power and industrial projects, exhibition and courier services, and logistics.

With much experience in regional economic affairs and financial markets, Mishal Kanoo is a key speaker at various conferences in the Gulf.

He regularly contributes to a number of local publications, and has had several columns featured in Arabian Business . His personal website is one of the most widely read in the region on a spectrum of topics that cover everything from Middle Eastern politics to Cuban cigars.

Mishal Kanoo is a strong advocate of education, with an MBA in finance from the University of St Thomas, Texas under his belt. He began his career as an auditor with the former accountancy firm Arthur Andersen before moving to join the Kanoo Group. He is now vice chairman and chief executive officer of the family business.

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