A dog is worth more than a Palestinian child

A dog is worth more than a Palestinian child

Does the title shock you? Good! Because it should. It is a sad statement on the lives of the poor Palestinians in Gaza whose lives have been shattered since 1948. This huge prison that is Gaza, had been so-called liberated in 2005. Yet would you like to live there?

The state that the people there live in has been described as the biggest open spaced prison with good reason. They are not allowed freedom of movement to and from the territory.

They have no proper access to continued electricity or running water. And they are run by different militias all who are trying to prove a point that is useless — they all want to be the top dog in the junkyard.

In 2007, an NFL star, Michael Vick of the Atlanta Falcons, was highlighted on every paper in the US for actively participating in a dog fighting ring. The outcry was not because the star betted on the dogs, but about the sport itself.

In the sport, the animals tear into each other and eventually kill one another. This was a situation that the US public could not tolerate. Yet when bombs blow to smithereens the bodies of children living in Gaza, no one is taken to task about his role in this carnage. So is that dog’s life worth more than the Palestinian child’s?

The Israelis are the masters of deception by their own admittance — “By way of deception we do war.” They always seem to find a way to blame the victim for their barbarity. They know fully well that they are transgressors but because the truth hurts, they find ways of placing the blame on others.

In this latest act of savagery, the Israeli government headed by the now disgraced caretaker Prime Minister Olmert said that it is Hamas’ fault and that they have no issues with the people of Gaza. Please let me state quite clearly that I am not excusing Hamas’ acts of the past 3 years nor do I side with the regime of Mr Abbas.

However, if you put people in an open air prison, take away all the amenities of life such as electricity, water and medicine then kidnap and, in some cases kill, legally elected officials from the Palestinian state under whatever guise best fits the moment, what do you expect the people to do? Sit back and take it?

The Israelis don’t so why should the Palestinians? The Government of Israel has made it quite clear that they will continue with the carnage until they are satisfied. So more of the same.

A while ago, I saw a wonderful interview with Mr. Norm Finkelstein, a person worth reading more about and is famous for his book, “The Holocaust Industry”, where he said that Israel took a beating in the 2006 invasion of Lebanon when Hizbullah politically trounced it.

Now Israel cannot be seen as the weak party because that would empower others to strike it…oh so the argument went. However as Israel is still licking its wounds from Lebanon, it needs to make a point that it is the dominant factor. What better way than killing the defenseless?

When dogs get abused, the civilized world comes to a standstill and the criminal is severely punished. When a child in Gaza is killed, the world talks for a while because no one wants to look as though they are doing nothing but in reality, they are doing nothing.

Indeed, a dog is worth more than a Palestinian child.

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